“Didn’t think it was humanly possible to sweat this much.”

Rehydrate with Pedialyte®

Pedialyte® can help with causes of dehydration like exercise and sweat

Exercise and signs of dehydration

Whether you’re running a marathon or your kids are playing in a weekend-long soccer tournament, exercise can leave you or your little ones tired, sore, and dehydrated. The more active you are, the more you might sweat, which can cause dehydration, which will affect your performance mid-workout and make you or your kids feel worse after. If you notice the signs of dehydration, it is important that you rehydrate with Pedialyte®, an electrolyte replacement drink, to feel better fast.

How exercise can lead to dehydration

Pedialyte® can help with causes of dehydration like excessive sweating

When you or your kids are active, your temperature rises, and perspiration — the body’s natural cooling mechanism — kicks in. But sweating a lot while being active can lead to enough fluid and electrolyte loss to cause dehydration. So, if you or your little one starts to feel tired or lightheaded or experience other dehydration symptoms  during or after exercise, rehydrate with Pedialyte® to feel better fast.

During and after your workouts, rehydrate with the hydration components found in Pedialyte®. Juice, sodas, and sports drinks are too high in sugar and too low in sodium, an important electrolyte lost through excessive sweating. With the optimal balance of sugar and electrolytes, Pedialyte® is the #1 recommended brand by pediatricians and has been used for over 50 years to help people rehydrate fast.

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